Ink Jet Printer

Good morning,

It has been a very long time since I have blog for Decoboard, but today seems perfect as we are working on a project that we looked at about a year ago.

We are looking again at adding an Ink Jet Printer to our operation.

A year ago when we were presented with sample, we were not satisfied enough with the quality of the samples, so the project went on the back burner.

Some of the prospective companies selling those printers are now saying the technology has improved a lot and they are able to provide a much better quality.

We are now sending a sample of a reconstituted Ebony and see what they can do. They are going to try on three different substrate which we are providing. One is going to be raw particle board, raw MDF and also an inexpensive Bass veneer on a plywood platform.

From what I understand so far, they are going to scan the part, then manipulate the file and print. It sounds very simple, but in reality to get a printer to duplicate a wood veneer with high integrity is very difficult.

We are anxious to see what they can do.






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Kirei Board

Good afternoon,

At Decoboard we get requests for finishing many different types of products, some of them are pretty unusual.

Today we were finishing what is called “Kirei Board” which is an engineered panel product of the company Kirei USA, constructed from the left-over, post-harvest stalks of the sorghum plant.

Those particular sheets were sent to us in a cut to size format. The final application for those are to be architectural decorative panels.

The sheets ran very well through the line other than they had to be manually feed since they were too small to go through the automatic loader.

Bellow is a picture of the product.



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High Gloss Finish

Good afternoon,

From time to time we get the request for “High Gloss Finish”.

Typically the way we accomplish this type of finish is by running the parts several times through the line.

Bellow is an example of “High Gloss Finish”. This is a Cherry veneer on an aluminum core.

We ran the parts 3 times through the line applying 4 UV clear coat per pass, consequently 12 coats were applied with sanding in between coats.

As you can see the result is pretty amazing, especially considering we can maintain the quality on a large-scale project.

We can do this type of work at a fairly reasonable price when comparing with traditional methods of finishing.


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One More Distibutor

Good afternoon,

Well our printed/painted board volume keeps on growing.

We just got word that one more distributor is coming on board using the Sierra Pine/Decoboard product.

This is very good news, programs like this take a long time to get footings, but once they do, it’s usually business that has a consistent flow.

It is amazing to think that the first line at Decoboard arrived in January of 2006, and that now we finally have a good amount of business for what the line was designed for.


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Cost of Paint

Good afternoon,

Lately it seem a bit more difficult to control our cost as the price on paint keeps on going up.

On custom jobs it is somewhat easier to pass along the increases, but on commodity type jobs, the clients are very resistant to any kind of increase.

We were looking at cost, and in the last two years paint has gone up 23 percent.

We try our best to manage paint usage, but at a certain point there is very little you can do, the surface must be covered properly in order to get the right appearance along with quality.

Our paint suppliers are trying very hard to develop paints at a lower cost, but just like us, there is only so much they can do.


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Finishing Technician

Good afternoon,

Because of more demand on specialty projects and architectural finishing projects, about 2 weeks ago, we decided to add a qualified technician for flat line finishing.

This is someone who we knew from the past, and we are pretty confident he will work out. Finishing technician can take a long time educate if they even make it. So hiring someone with expertise often makes more sense even at a higher cost.

We had a very good team to begin with, but now with the new addition we are ready to handle any projects you may have that has to do with finishing.



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Door Finishing

Good morning,

From time to time we get requests for finishing doors.

We just got done with a small project which consisted of just a few doors that needed to be finished like the wall paneling on which we provided the finish.

We had to match a custom stain which we did on cherry, but the doors they provided were in maple. We were able to get the color pretty close so it would be satisfactory for the client.

It’s not the type of business we are looking for, but it’s something we have to do to keep our clients satisfied.


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